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Our goal at Change of Pace Physical Therapy is to provide exceptional patient care by keeping treatments individual and accessible. 

We are in network with most major insurances including: Medicare, Anthem(Blue Cross/Blue Shield), Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Humana.  

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Personal, One-on-One Treatment

Physical Therapy Session

What some of our patients have to say about our Therapist:

Jim T., Owensboro

I thought all therapy was the same until I came to Tammy.  She really cares about her patients, which is hard to find anymore.

Renee H., Owensboro

Fibromyalgia took control of my life.  I was always sore and tired.  I would have knots everywhere.  The doctors could only prescribe more medication that didn't help.  Physical therapy had been wasted time.  After dry needling, I was done.  Then I found out about Tammy and how she specializes with patient with fibro.  She finds the knots and brings me the relief I desperately need.  She's made a huge difference in my life and I highly recommend her.

Chris S., Owensboro

Every therapist is going to give you exercises and stretches to do.  You have to find a therapist that actually wants to help you and spends time with you, and that's Tammy.